Exporting to PDF

Congratulations! The newsletter is complete. It is now time to save it in an Internet-ready format. By sending a newsletter over the Internet, you can save a lot on postage costs. Using the flexible PDF format ensures that your document maintains its appearance and can be printed or viewed by Mac, Windows, and even Linux users.


Choose File > Export.


Click the PDF button to specify the format.


Choose Good from the Image Quality pop-up menu; then click Next.


There are three qualities to choose from: Good, Better, and Best. You need to balance file size constraints with image quality when choosing which to use.


Name the document SMB_GYM_06_WEB.pdf and specify a destination for the file, such as a folder on your hard drive.

It is best to avoid spaces and long file names for files that are meant to be downloaded. The name we entered here identifies the company and the year and indicates that the file is optimized for the Web.


Click Export to write the file.

You can now send your newsletter to others as a PDF file.


Save your Pages document.

Apple Training Series. iWork '06 with iLife '06
Apple Training Series: iWork 06 with iLife 06
ISBN: 0321442253
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 171

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