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Windows XP Hacks
By Preston  Gralla
Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : August 2003
ISBN : 0-596-00511-3
Pages : 412
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      Chapter 1.   Startup and Shutdown
        Section 1.1.   Hacks #1-7
        Hack  1.   Customize Multiboot Startup Options
        Hack  2.   Change the Picture that Appears on the XP Startup Screen
        Hack  3.   Speed Up Boot and Shutdown Times
        Hack  4.   Halt Startup Programs and Services
        Hack  5.   Create Multiple Startup Profiles with Advanced Startup Manager
        Hack  6.   Miscellaneous Startup and Shutdown Hacks
        Hack  7.   Control User Logins by Hacking the Registry
      Chapter 2.   The User Interface
        Section 2.1.   Hacks #8-20
        Hack  8.   Customize the GUI with TweakUI
        Hack  9.   Control the Control Panel
        Hack  10.   Hack the Start Menu and Taskbar
        Hack  11.   Clean Up the Most Frequently Used Programs List
        Hack  12.   Rename and Change "Unchangeable" Desktop Icons and System Objects
        Hack  13.   Remove "Unremovable" Desktop Icons
        Hack  14.   Create Your Own XP Themes and Find Thousands Online
        Hack  15.   Give XP a Makeover with WindowBlinds
        Hack  16.   Hacking Your Way Through the Interface
        Hack  17.   Remove "Uninstallable" XP Utilities
        Hack  18.   Create Transparent Windows
        Hack  19.   Make Your Own Cursors and Icons
        Hack  20.   Windows XP to Windows 2000: Retro is Cool
      Chapter 3.   Windows Explorer
        Section 3.1.   Hacks #21-32
        Hack  21.   Generating Folder and File Listingsfor Printing or Editing
        Hack  22.   Control Windows Explorer with Command-Line Shortcuts
        Hack  23.   Empower Windows Explorer with PowerDesk
        Hack  24.   Better File Rename
        Hack  25.   Find Files Faster by Mastering the Indexing Service's Query Language
        Hack  26.   Hiding Folders and Files with the Encrypting File System
        Hack  27.   Forcing Windows Explorer Into True Usefulness
        Hack  28.   Customize Folder Icons and Balloon Text
        Hack  29.   A Power User's Hidden Weapon: Improve the Context Menu
        Hack  30.   Take Your Work on the Go with Offline Files and the Briefcase
        Hack  31.   Get More Hard Disk Space by Using NTFS Compression
        Hack  32.   Put a Command-Line Prompt on Your Desktop
      Chapter 4.   The Web
        Section 4.1.   Hacks #33-41
        Hack  33.   Stop Pop Ups, Spyware, and Web Bugs
        Hack  34.   Take a Bite Out of Cookies
        Hack  35.   Read Web Pages Offline
        Hack  36.   Better Internet Searching from Your Desktop
        Hack  37.   Hack Internet Explorer with the Group Policy Editor
        Hack  38.   Speed Up File Downloads
        Hack  39.   Surf Anonymously Without a Trace
        Hack  40.   Secrets of Web Site Hosting with Internet Information Services (IIS)
        Hack  41.   Run Java Applets Without Crashes or Problems
      Chapter 5.   Networking
        Section 5.1.   Hacks #42-62
        Hack  42.   War Driving for WiFi Access
        Hack  43.   Test Your Security with Shields Up!
        Hack  44.   Tweak DNS Settings for Faster Internet Access
        Hack  45.   Fix Windows Media Player's Privacy Problems
        Hack  46.   Protect Your Computer with the Internet Connection Firewall
        Hack  47.   Use a Proxy Server to Protect Your PC
        Hack  48.   ZoneAlarm: The World's Best Free Firewall
        Hack  49.   Optimize Your Residential Gateway
        Hack  50.   Punch an Escape Hole Through Your Firewall
        Hack  51.   Close Down Open Ports and Block Protocols
        Hack  52.   Troubleshooting Network Connections with ping, tracert, and pathping
        Hack  53.   Troubleshooting Network Connections with netsh, netstat, and ipconfig
        Hack  54.   Speed Up Network Browsing
        Hack  55.   Extend the Range of Your Wireless Network
        Hack  56.   Install NetBEUI for Better Peer-to-Peer Networking
        Hack  57.   Check WiFi Network Performance with QCheck to Help Improve Throughput
        Hack  58.   Control Another PC with Remote Access
        Hack  59.   Make Servers Always Available by Mapping a Hostname to a Dynamic IP Address
        Hack  60.   Renewing Your DHCP-Assigned IP Address
        Hack  61.   Repair a Broken TCP/IP Connection
        Hack  62.   Set Up a Virtual Private Network
      Chapter 6.   Email
        Section 6.1.   Hacks #63-67
        Hack  63.   Slam That Spam
        Hack  64.   Open Blocked File Attachments in Outlook and Outlook Express
        Hack  65.   Back Up and Restore Outlook and Outlook Express Data Files
        Hack  66.   Fire Outlook and Outlook Express
        Hack  67.   Retrieve Web-Based Email with Your Email Software
      Chapter 7.   The Registry
        Section 7.1.   Hacks #68-72
        Hack  68.   Don't Fear the Registry
        Hack  69.   Hacking Away at the Registry
        Hack  70.   Safely Edit the Registry Using .reg Files
        Hack  71.   Better Registry Backups
        Hack  72.   Track and Restore Registry Changes with RegSpy
      Chapter 8.   Basic Utilities
        Section 8.1.   Hacks #73-79
        Hack  73.   Store Multiple Clips and Boilerplate Text with a Better Clipboard
        Hack  74.   Speed Up Your Hard Disk by Improving Defragging
        Hack  75.   Build a Better Backup Strategy
        Hack  76.   Extending Your Screen Real Estate with Virtual Desktops
        Hack  77.   Top Screenshot Tips
        Hack  78.   Going Beyond Messaging with Windows Messenger
        Hack  79.   Universal Messaging: Trillian Unites AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, and ICQ
      Chapter 9.   Applications
        Section 9.1.   Hacks #80-85
        Hack  80.   Remove Unruly Applications and Uninstall Entries
        Hack  81.   Force XP-Incompatible Applications to Run
        Hack  82.   Force Older Programs to Use XP Common Controls
        Hack  83.   Launch Applications with Command-Line Shortcuts
        Hack  84.   Open and Create Microsoft Documents without Microsoft Office
        Hack  85.   Stop Hidden Fields in Word from Stealing Your Files and Information
      Chapter 10.   Graphics and Multimedia
        Section 10.1.   Hacks #86-90
        Hack  86.   Image Conversion in a Pinch
        Hack  87.   Problem-Free CD Burning
        Hack  88.   Save Streaming Music to Your PC
        Hack  89.   File Sharing without the Spyware
        Hack  90.   Tips for Making Videos with Windows Movie Maker
      Chapter 11.   System Performance
        Section 11.1.   Hacks #91-94
        Hack  91.   Track System Performance with the Performance Console
        Hack  92.   Getting the Most Out of Your RAM
        Hack  93.   More Power: Registry Hacks to Speed Up XP
        Hack  94.   Repair and Recovery with the Recovery Console
      Chapter 12.   Hardware
        Section 12.1.   Hacks #95-100
        Hack  95.   Troubleshoot Hardware by Decoding Device Manager Error Messages
        Hack  96.   Uncover Hidden Hardware with the Device Manager
        Hack  97.   Check Your PC's Pulse and Tweak It for Better Performance
        Hack  98.   Remap Your Keyboard
        Hack  99.   Use ClearType for Better Laptop and LCD Resolution
        Hack  100.   Networking on the Cheap: Set Up a Direct Cable Connection

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