How to Find Reusable Code

You have undoubtedly heard much about object-oriented coding and object-oriented programming languages. Smart, productive programmers have always taken a fundamental goal of object-oriented programmingreusable, executable codeto its logical extreme: They consider every line of any source program as potentially available for reuse, so that re-coding can be avoided. You can easily find the entire prior programming done in your company by using the powerful Find functions available on almost all corporate computers. Then you can copy this code into other source programs.

For the forty years that I have been programming, objects performing-standard functions have always been called as sub-programs by the calling program needing that function. The technique of copybooks (copying blocks of source code into a source program) or calling executable program objects (compiled source programs) in a source program has been around and effective since programs were first written. The savvy programmer copies not only huge blocks of source code but even a single source statement that he needs. In doing so he acquires proven code for himself, greatly multiplies his own productivity, and enhances the quality of the finished program.

Do not let anyone s definition of what an object is, or what object-oriented programming is, deter you from copying much or even most of your programs code. Copying all the source code you can is simply smart. This vital technique will propel you toward success as you learn from the efforts of others.

Warning, warning, warning: You should not copy or reproduce copyrighted code. Nevertheless, you can learn fromand greatly benefit fromsound programming techniques used in copyrighted code. Automobile designers and manufacturers buy a competitors car and strip it down to learn from it. Similarly, you can learn much from the programming of similar functions that someone more experienced and skilled than you are has already done.

How to Become a Highly Paid Corporate Programmer
How to Become a Highly Paid Corporate Programmer
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