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SyncML®: Synchronizing and Managing Your Mobile Data
By Uwe Hansmann, Riku Mettälä, Apratim Purakayastha, Peter Thompson, Phillipe Kahn
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Giving a comprehensive and profound overview of synchronization and especially SyncML makes this book very valuable for a wide audience of readers. Following the main thread of this book a reader will find an easy and quick entry to the topics of his interest.

Business managers and managers responsible for IT systems will learn what impact SyncML and synchronization itself has on economy and society. The knowledge about synchronization paradigms, new business models, and a new generation of applications will affect their work as well as their decisions. They will see where synchronization can help businesses to offer new services and new products or how to improve existing businesses to reach a new range of customers.

Software architects and project managers extending their e-business activities to a new front-end using synchronization will read which components SyncML based solutions are made of and how these building blocks are related to each other. This book gives an overview of state-of-the-art synchronization technology and shows which components are available and what needs to be done to build a complete solution.

Application developers getting involved with SyncML will find an in-depth guide through the different SyncML specifications and paradigms, what needs to be implemented, and how to get a perfectly working, efficient, and scalable SyncML synchronization solution. They will get a very good introduction before digging into the details. They will learn how to rapidly enable applications for the use of SyncML and how to avoid usual pitfalls.


    SyncML. Synchronizing and Managing Your Mobile Data
    SyncML: Synchronizing and Managing Your Mobile Data
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