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early binding  
encapsulation   2nd   3rd  
encoding schemes  
encryption routine  
Equals method  
error codes  
error handling   [See exception handling]
        retrying code  
event arguments  
event handling
       at compile time  
       at runtime  
event source  
event target  
events   2nd  
Exception classes   2nd  
exception handling
       unstructured   2nd   3rd   4th  
exception handling classes  
       compared to return codes  
       naming conventions  
       used by CLR  
extraction order, of custom attributes  

only for RuBoard

Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic. Net
Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET
ISBN: 0596001460
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2001
Pages: 112
Authors: J.P. Hamilton

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