TestFailure (see Figure B-7) is a class containing a Test and an associated exception. TestResult produces a TestFailure whenever there is a test failure or error.

Figure B-7. The class TestFailure


 public class TestFailure extends Object 


TestFailure(Test failedTest, Throwable thrownException)

Constructs a TestFailure for a Test and its exception.

Public Methods

String exceptionMessage( )

Gets the exception message.

Test failedTest( )

Gets the failed test.

boolean isFailure( )

Returns TRUE if the exception is a failure represented by an instance of AssertionFailedError . If FALSE , the test produced an error.

Throwable thrownException( )

Gets the exception.

String toString( )

Returns a description of the failure consisting of the string Test.toString( ) and the exception message.

String trace( )

Returns the stack trace for the exception.

Protected/Private Methods



protected Test fFailedTest

protected Throwable fThrownException

These attributes contain the Test and the exception.

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Unit Test Frameworks
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