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variable-length subnet masks   [See VLSM]
variance command   2nd   3rd  
       BGP   2nd  
               iBGP   2nd  
       EIGRP operations   2nd  
       Integrated IS-IS operation  
        multiarea OSPF networks   2nd  
       prefix lists  
       BGP-4 configurations of attributes  
       EIGRP operations
               debug commands  
               show ip eigrp neighbors  
               show ip eigrp topology  
               show ip eigrp traffic  
       extended ping  
       Integrated IS-IS operation  
       prefix lists configurations  
virtual links   2nd  
       OSPF network topologies   2nd  
virtual terminal line   [See vty]
       advantages of  
               allocating VLSM addresses  
       case studies  
       case study  
       example of  
       routing protocols  
       rules of  
       static routes  
VLSM (variable-length subnet masks)  
vty (virtual terminal line)  


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