Enter Metadata for Users, Administrators, and Groups

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In SAS ETL Studio, the metadata for users and groups is used to support change management, connections to a remote computer with SAS/CONNECT, and connections to a DBMS with SAS/ACCESS software.

Also, SAS ETL Studio users can select the metadata for a user or group and associate it with the metadata for a table, a job, or any other kind of object that can be displayed in the Inventory tree. To the metadata for a job, for example, you could add the metadata for the person who needs to be contacted if the job fails.

Your data warehouse project plan should identify the users and groups that are required for your data warehouse. For the example data warehouse, metadata for the following persons and groups must be added to the foundation repository:

  • a metadata administrator with the generic name Metadata Admin

  • a number of SAS ETL Studio users with generic names such as etlUser1 and etlUser2

  • a group for SAS ETL Studio users called ETL User Group.

The metadata for each person or group specifies certain privileges. For example, the metadata for Metadata Admin specifies administrative privileges. The metadata for ETL User Group specifies privileges for users who work under change management, and etlUser1, etlUser2, and other users are members of that group.

The SAS Configuration Wizard in the SAS Software Navigator enables you to run a script that will automatically add metadata for some users and groups. Use SAS Management Console to add metadata that is not provided by the scripts in the SAS Software Navigator. For details about entering metadata for users and administrators in a change-management context, see the SAS ETL Studio chapter of the SAS Intelligence Platform: Planning and Administration Guide.

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