Create a Metadata Profile and a Foundation Repository

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After you start SAS Management Console, a window displays that has various options for maintaining a metadata profile. A metadata profile is a client-side definition of where the metadata server is located. The definition includes a machine name, a port number, and one or more metadata repositories. In addition, the metadata profile can contain login information and instructions for connecting to the metadata server automatically. You cannot do any work in SAS Management Console, in SAS ETL Studio, or in related applications until you create and open the appropriate metadata profile.

An administrator would perform the following steps to create a metadata profile and to add the change-managed foundation repository that is described in "Plan Your Change-Managed Metadata Repositories" on page 38. (Customized instructions for this task are available from the SAS Software Navigator.)

  1. Start SAS Management Console. The Open a Metadata Profile window opens and displays various options for maintaining a metadata profile.

  2. SelectCreate a new metadata profile and click . The Metadata Profile wizard displays.

  3. Click . In the general information window, enter a name for the profile. For the example data warehouse, the name could be Metadata Admin Profile.

  4. Click . In the Connection Information window, enter a machine address, port, user name, and password that will enable you to connect to the appropriate SAS Metadata Server as an administrator.

  5. Click . The wizard attempts to connect to the metadata server. If the connection is successful, and no metadata repositories have yet been defined for the current server, you will be asked if you want to define a metadata repository.

  6. Select Yes to define a metadata repository.

  7. On the Select Repository Type panel, select Foundation.

  8. Enter other information as prompted by the wizard. Verify that the check box for change-management is selected.

  9. Click to exit the Metadata Profile wizard. You are returned to the Open a Metadata Profile window.

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