Changing the Destination of the Log and the Output

You can redirect both the SAS log and procedure output to your terminal display, to a printer, or to an external file. You can redirect output using the following methods :

PRINTTO procedure

  • routes DATA step, log, or procedure output from the system default destinations to the destination you choose.

FILENAME statement

  • associates a fileref with an external file or output device and enables you to specify file and device attributes.

FILE command

  • stores the contents of the LOG or OUTPUT windows in files you specify, when the command is issued from within the windowing environment.

SAS system options

  • redefine the destination of log and output for an entire SAS program. These system options are specified when you invoke SAS. The system options used to route output are the ALTLOG=, ALTPRINT=, LOG=, and PRINT= options.

Operating Environment Information: The way you specify output destinations when you use SAS system options is dependent on your operating environment. See the SAS documentation for your operating environment for details.

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SAS 9.1 Language Reference Concepts
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