Chapter 32: The OPTSAVE Procedure

Overview: OPTSAVE Procedure

What Does the OPTSAVE Procedure Do?

PROC OPTSAVE saves the current SAS system option settings in the SAS registry or in a SAS data set.

SAS system options can be saved across SAS sessions. You can save the settings of the SAS system options in a SAS data set or registry key by using

  • the DMOPTSAVE command from a command line in the SAS windowing environment. Use the command like this: DMOPTSAVE < save-location >.

  • the PROC OPTSAVE statement.

Some SAS options will not be saved with PROC OPTSAVE. The following is a list of these options:

  • ARMAGENT system option

  • ARMLOC system option

  • ARMSUBSYS system option

  • AWSDEF system option

  • FONTALIAS system option

  • SORTMSG system option

  • STIMER system option

  • TPSEC system option

  • All SAS system options that can be specified only during startup

  • All SAS system options that identify a password.

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