Chapter13.Managing Website Content Using Contribute

Chapter 13. Managing Website Content Using Contribute


  • Content Management Using Contribute

  • Administrating Contribute Enabled Sites within Dreamweaver

  • Defining Users and Roles

  • Administration

  • Enabling Rollbacks

  • Sending Connection Keys to Contribute Users

  • Using Contribute to Make Basic Edits

  • Rolling Back Pages in Dreamweaver

It's become obvious that publishing content for the web is becoming increasingly easy. In fact, most word processing applications now allow you to save a document as an HTML file. Because most people are quite capable of opening a word processor and selecting the Save As option from the File menu, the trend toward publishing web-based content will continue to grow exponentially. And with so many web development editors and even pseudo-editors (such as Word, WordPad, WordPerfect, Netscape Composer, and so on) on the market today, it's nearly impossible to impose some sort of standards-compliant method for creating and distributing content on the web. Of course, this task becomes much easier when working in corporate environments because organizations can set limitations on the web publishing software the employees in the company are allowed to use. Unfortunately, drawbacks still exist. If the software you decide to use is enterprise level (such as Dreamweaver), the need for training can still pose a major concern. Let's face it, while Dreamweaver is a powerful tool for performing any web-related task, it's definitely overkill for the administrative assistants who simply want to change a few words in an executive's web-based biography. On the other hand, if the software is easy to use and lightweight, the needs of the company might not get met because the functionality exposed might not be enough to effectively market a company's needs. This is where a program such as Macromedia Contribute plays a role.

Contribute is a cheap, lightweight, yet powerful alternative to buying multiple expensive licenses of enterprise tools such as Dreamweaver for users who might not need something so powerful. Even better, Contribute solves the dilemma outlined in the previous chapter of accidentally overriding a previous user's work. As you'll see in this chapter, Contribute solves the content management needs of organizations by exposing a simple-to-use, efficient, and enterprise-level web publishing alternative.

As you have done for the rest of the chapters in this book, you can work with the examples in this chapter by downloading the files from You'll want to save the files for Chapter 13 in an easy-to-find location. I'll place mine in C:\Dorknozzle\Chapter13.

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