How Information Technology Functions

Most people would agree that the purpose of an Information Technology department is to serve current business needs as well as to advance long-term strategic goals. Unfortunately, this isn't always clear, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes communication is poor. Often no one has ever given much thought to what it takes, technically speaking, to serve business needs. Many networks appear to have sprouted like mushrooms after a rain, without the benefit of anything resembling an overall vision. Changing the situation is complicated by a number of factors:

  • Legacy hardware and software
  • Incompatible operating systems and applications that were adopted to solve specific divisional or departmental problems
  • Rapidly changing technologies and user requirements
  • Resistance to change by those who have grown comfortable with older technologies
  • Too little staff, time, and money to plan and execute a network upgrade

This last item is virtually universal. However, if these factors plague your organization, it's time to start struggling against the status quo. The situation can't and won't change overnight, but a carefully thought-out plan with clear priorities can do a great deal to move things forward.

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Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Administrators Companion
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