Determining Effective Permissions

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What with the complexities of inheritance and the nested nature of groups, it’s no small chore to find out exactly what permissions a user or group has. Windows Small Business Server 2003 includes a tool to help determine which permissions are in effect for a given object. Follow these steps:

  1. Log on as a member of Domain Administrators.

  2. Right-click a file or folder and select Properties from the shortcut menu.

  3. Click Security, and then click the Advanced button.

  4. In the Advanced Security Settings dialog box, click the Effective Permissions tab.

  5. Click Select and locate the user or group you have questions about in the Select User, Computer, Or Group dialog box. Click OK. The effective permissions are displayed (Figure 10-15).

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Figure 10-15: Showing the permissions for Folder Operators on an object.


The effective permissions result is more an estimation than a precise determination. Included in the calculation of effective permissions are memberships in global and local groups, local permissions, and local privileges.

Not included are share permissions and any permissions based on how the user logs on. If you’re viewing effective permissions remotely, membership in local groups and local privileges are not part of the formula for determining effective permissions.

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