Chapter 15: Managing Connectivity

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Managing network connectivity is a complicated task that Microsoft Windows Small Business Server distills into a relatively simple process handled by two wizards—the Configure E-Mail and Internet Connection Wizard, and the Remote Access Wizard.

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For more information about these wizards, see Chapter 6, “Completing the To Do List and Other Post-Installation Tasks.”

Though these wizards are the best way to change network settings, you might want to perform additional network administration tasks that aren’t handled by them. This chapter covers the most common and useful tasks, including managing Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP), viewing Dynamic Name Service (DNS) and Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) records, and changing VPN settings using Routing and Remote Access and Internet Authentication Service (IAS).

This chapter also details three complex tasks that can increase network security and usability: creating a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to deploy certificates, setting up L2TP VPN connections, and implementing 802.1X authentication for wireless clients.

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