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pc hardware tuning & acceleration
PC Hardware Tuning & Acceleration
by Victor Rudometov and Evgeny Rudometov ISBN:1931769230
A-LIST Publishing 2004 (500 pages)

From choosing overclocking tools and setting the optimal mode to allowing the fulfillment of the potential of a PC's components, this reference discusses solutions to the problem of computers not performing well enough to accommodate requested tasks.

Table of Contents
PC Hardware Tuning & Acceleration
Chapter 1- From the Industrial Era to the Information Age
Chapter 2- Philosophy of Hardware Overclocking
Chapter 3- Moderate and Extreme Overclocking Modes
Chapter 4- Main Components and the Optimal Choice
Chapter 5- BIOS as Additional Performance Reserve
Chapter 6- Computer Hardware Monitoring
Chapter 7- Stages of PC Overclocking and Testing
Chapter 8- Approaches to Processor Overclocking
Chapter 9- Software Tools for Cooling
Chapter 10- Choosing Cooling Devices and Parameters
Chapter 11- Problems with using Thermoelectric Elements
Chapter 12- Overclocking and Fine-Tuning RAM
Chapter 13- Video Subsystem Overclocking
Chapter 14- Hardware Acceleration of Video Adapters
Chapter 15- Technology and Problems of Overclocking IDE Drives
Chapter 16- Overclocking to Achieve Processor and Motherboard Compatibility
Chapter 17- Solving Problems by Anti-Overclocking
Chapter 18- Examples and Analysis of PC Overclocking
Chapter 19- Recommended Web Sites
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PC Hardware Tuning & Acceleration
PC Hardware Tuning & Acceleration
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