A Word About the Lesson Content

Often, training materials are professionally createdusing actors, complicated production (with lights, microphones, tripods, and a crew), and so on. The resulting material is of high quality but bears little similarity to the kind of projects you will be working on. To make this training as real-world and practical as possible, it was made in precisely the way you would make your own videosthe quality of the shots (for better or worse) is comparable to what you can get with typical consumer equipment; the sophistication of the projects is precisely what you can achieve using the iLife tools, with settings (and challenges) you will commonly find yourself in. The events depicted here were truly recorded in the way you are being taught to work. Ideally, this will give you clear and realistic expectations about what you can do with your newfound skills.

Apple Training Series iLife '06
Apple Training Series: iLife 06
ISBN: 0321421647
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 142
Authors: Michael Rubin

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