Chapter 38: Using Your Computer with a Digital Camera


When you consider the cost of film and film processing, a digital camera is a worthwhile investment, but the trade-off is often made in the quality of the prints.

Digital cameras with higher resolution are appearing all the time and their cost is steadily coming down. Photo printers are now available that can print images comparable to those you'd get at the photo lab.

Before purchasing a digital camera, it is helpful to know what all the various features are for and if you need them. Considerations like how many mega-pixels you want, resolution, and the quality of lenses all add cost to a camera.

Images are saved on the flash memory cards included in the digital camera, where they are stored until you connect the camera to a computer and download the images. Once downloaded, you can use the Windows features to view the images as a slide show.

If the images you've captured have some problems, you can improve them by editing them using an image editing package such as Windows Paint or Adobe Photoshop.

This chapter looks at all the features enabled by using a digital camera with your computer system.

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