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What elements of a Flash movie can a script control?


Scripts can control the flow of a movie, making it stop on a frame or jump to any frame in the movie. In addition, scripts can control movie clips. Although buttons can contain scripts, they cannot be controlled by scripts.


How do I know whether a script is attached to a key frame, movie clip, or button?


In the case of key frames , you will see a little "A" in the timeline if the key frame contains a script. However, there is no way to determine whether movie clips or buttons contain scripts. You just have to select them and open up the Actions window to see. Alternatively, you can use the Movie Explorer panel to seek out scripts.


If I learned how to program in ActionScript with Flash 4 or earlier, will that help me to learn ActionScript for Flash MX?


Real ActionScript was only introduced with Flash 5. If you've scripted Flash in versions 4 or earlier, some of the concepts may be familiar to you. Unfortunately, the leap between Flash 4 and 5 was so great that you pretty much have to start learning Flash scripting all over again. However, if you learned Flash 5 ActionScript, then Flash MX ActionScript is only a little more advanced.

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