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The quiz questions are designed to test your knowledge of the material covered in this hour . The answers to the questions follow.



When a user clicks, which movie clip gets the mouseDown event?


All of them. These handlers get triggered in all movie clips rather than just the one clicked on.


How many different ways are there to use hitTest ?


Three. You can use it with an x and y location; an x and y location and a third parameter, true or false, as to whether the shape instead of the rectangle of the movie clip is used; or you can use it with two movie clips to see whether they overlap.


Do the shapes of two movie clips need to touch for hitTest to detect an overlap?


No. If you use hitTest with two movie clips, it only matters that the rectangles overlap, regardless of any unusual shape that the movie clip graphics may have.


What unique function does startDrag perform that cannot be done any other way in ActionScript?


None. The startDrag command doesn't do anything that can't be re-created with other ActionScript code.

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