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Chapter 3. Internet Applications


  • Browsing the Web: Safari

  • Accessing Email: Apple Mail

  • Video and Audio Conferencing: iChat AV

  • Searching the Internet: Sherlock

  • The Enigma That Is .Mac

The Mac OS has long been the leader in network connectivity among desktop operating systems. The Macintosh was using MacTCP and Open Transport while Windows 3.1 struggled to get online using third-party TCP stacks and DOS-based network card drivers. Although the playing field has mostly leveled, it's little surprise that Tiger includes a wide variety of Internet-related tools. Users who are interested in getting online, finding old friends, chatting with others, sending email, and surfing the Internet will be happy to find many applications to get them online in a matter of minutes.

This chapter covers the applications that work specifically with the Internet to gather information, send and receive messages, and make your online life easier:

  • Safari (path: /Applications/Safari) Apple's web and RSS/Atom browser based on open source technologies.

  • Mail (path: /Applications/Mail) Apple's application features IMAP/POP3 support, HTML/RTF email, dynamic filtering, Smart Folders, spam protection, and a somewhat non-Mac OS X-like interface.

  • iChat AV (path: /Applications/iChat) A chat program compatible with AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), provides Audio and Video conferences with multiple people, and integrates with .Mac, Mail, and Address Book.

  • Sherlock (path: /Applications/Sherlock) Sherlock performs multiple search engine queries on populare-commerce, news, and entertainment sites and returns results without the need for a web browser.

  • .Mac Apple's pay-for Internet service for bringing Tiger with you, wherever you might be.

As with the previous chapters, the applications discussed here are presented with basic use information, followed by configuration and menu options. The goal is to provide information for beginners as well as useful reference for advanced users.


The assumption is that you already have a working network connection configured at installation or in your previous version of Mac OS X. For information on setting up an Internet connection, see Chapter 7, "Configuring Network Connectivity."

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