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Alternative Development Environments

Many alternative web development environments can run under Tiger, including Apple's own WebObjects. Personally, I have a thing for open source products, but depending on your needs, PHP or Perl might not be appropriate.


If you love Python (covered in Chapter 18), check out for information on an Apache module for creating an embedded Python server.

WebObjects, for example, is a Java-based development environment that includes RAD tools, distributed application logic and load handling, and a steep learning curve. WebObjects is used to deploy large-scale applications and requires a decent knowledge of the Tiger object model to begin programming. WebObjects comes with a reasonably high price tag outside the range of smaller groups. On the plus side, it is widely recognized as a superior web application server and has won numerous awards in the enterprise marketplace (

Java Server Pages (JSP) is a fast-growing application development solution that leverages the cross-platform nature of Java. Like WebObjects, JSP requires knowledge of the Java programming language and has a similarly steep learning curve. A big advantage to JSP is that it is a supported server platform in software packages such as Macromedia's Dreamweaver MX enabling graphical development of web applications. In addition, the JBoss ( application server is available as a custom install with the Tiger developer tools, enabling you to get started with JSP right away. See for information on getting started with JBoss on Tiger.

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