complex animation

As easy as creating the tweened animation was, Flash goes one major step further. Timeline Effects allow quick and easy creation of some of the most common animation techniques developers want to create.

We'll use a series of Timeline Effects to create an animated introduction in which our graphic text zooms in and out, changing from Capture the Love to Capture the Moment and finally to Capture the Memories. (See extra bits on Page 77.)

In Keyframe 1 of the background layer, double-click the animated background symbol to edit it.

Choose Modify > Convert to Symbol, or press . In the Convert to Symbol dialog, name the symbol text animation. Select Movie Clip as the Behavior, and click OK.

We want a slight delay in our movie before the animation starts. With our movie's frame rate of 12 frames per second, we can create a one second delay by starting our animation on Frame 13.

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