The partial syntax is as follows :

 SQLservr [-f] [-m] 

The SQLServr application is the application that runs when SQL Server is started. You can use the SQLServr executable to start SQL Server from a command prompt. When this is done, all of the startup messages are displayed at the command prompt, and the command prompt session becomes dedicated to the execution of SQL Server.


If you start SQL Server from a command prompt, you cannot stop or pause it by using the Enterprise Manager, Service Manager, or the Services applet in the Control Panel.

Most commonly, you'll start SQL Server from the command prompt if you need to troubleshoot a configuration problem. The -f option starts SQL Server in minimal configuration mode. This allows you to recover from a change to a configuration setting that prevents SQL Server from starting. You can use the -m option when you need to start SQL Server in single- user mode, such as when you need to rebuild one of the system databases.

The SQLSERVR.EXE file is located, by default, in a path that is specific to the SQL Server instance. Therefore, one EXE is installed for each instance that is created. The path will typically be Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$ instance_name \Binn\ .

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