Obtaining and Installing SQL Notification Services

SQL Notification Services is available as a Web download from Microsoft's Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/sql/ns. The Web site lists detailed system requirements, provides links to further information about the product, and specifies the licensing requirements.

After registering, you can download the installer for SQL Notification Services from the Web site. Before attempting to install Notification Services, ensure that you have the prerequisite software installed. The System Requirements page on the Web site lists the required software for various configurations.

Run the installer to launch the Setup Wizard, which will take you through the setup process. You will have to choose the components to install, as well as the SQL Server instance to use.

Successfully completing setup will result in the addition of a group for SQL Notification Services under your Start/Programs menu. This group will contain links to the Notification Services samples, documentation, and a command prompt that is set up to execute the Notification Services commands.

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