Building the Layers

In this section, you'll assemble the master composition to contain all of the project's components (including the composition you made in the previous section). You'll also blend another piece of footage over the entire sequence that makes up the Sequence Comp and fade it in and then out of the composition:


Create a new composition named Master Comp using the NTSC DV, 720x480 preset, and set the Duration to 10;00 seconds.


Drag the Sequence Comp composition from the Project window to the Master Comp Timeline. Make sure the layer starts at time 0;00.


Drag the Saleen_Car_01.avi file from the Project window into the Timeline, above the Sequence Comp layer.


Change the Saleen_Car_01.avi layer's Blending Mode to Difference in the Modes column of the Timeline.


Press T to display the Saleen_Car_01.avi layer's Opacity, and add a 0% Opacity keyframe to the layer at time 0;00.


Go to time 1;00, and change the layer's Opacity to 100%.


Go to time 5;00, and add another 100% Opacity keyframe to the layer.


Press End to go to the end of the Timeline, and change the layer's Opacity to 0% to fade out the layer.

First stage of the Master Comp Timeline

Click the Ram Preview button in the Time Controls palette to view the results.

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