Creating the End Tag

The section that will close your project will be kept pretty simple to keep the focus on the client's brand, but simple can still be fun (i.e., animated!).

Animating the effects

The client has given you their company logo: a beveled script text on top of a flat sans serif font. You'll make the logo come alive by animating the type's bevel, which is courtesy of a layer style that was applied to the logo beforehand in Photoshop:


Create a new composition named End Tag with dimensions of 720x540, Frame Rate 29.97, and Duration 5;00 seconds.


Open the Layer Effects comp from the Graphics folder in the Project window.

The timeline for the Photoshop layer style


Go to time 0;10 in the Layer Effects comp, and select both the Bevel Highlight and the Bevel Shadow layers.


Apply Effect > Transition > Radial Wipe to both layers.


Add a 100% Transition Completion keyframe to each layer.

Settings for the Radial Wipe effect


Go to time 0;20, and change each layer's Transition Completion property to 0%.

The logo is now a lot more interesting. Let's add it to the End Tag comp:


Return to the End Tag comp. Create a new solid that's named and colored Pale Yellow (RGB: 252, 253, 162) and that's at comp size.


Go to time 0;10, and drag the Style_Logo comp to the Timeline.


Add a 0% Opacity keyframe to the StyleLogo layer.


Go to time 0;20, and change the layer's Opacity to 100%.

Adding the fade in to the End Tag sequence

Save your work.

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