abstract base classes

creating in shared assemblies, 78

role in sample multiserver configuration, 70, 72

<activated> property, role in configuration files, 107-108, 110

Activator.GetObject() call

calling for nonwrapped proxy metadata, 84-85

examining in MarshalByRefObject in Singleton mode, 21

using with client in factory design pattern, 46-47

algorithms for encryption, producing with key generators, 269-271

anonymous use, deploying server applications for, 120-123

APOP command, RFC for, 320

architecture of .NET Remoting, illustration of, 10


displaying strong names for, 166

types of, 15

assemblyBinding entry in configuration files, resolving assembly versions with, 173-174

AssemblyVersion attribute, changing for versioned SAOs, 169

asynchronous calls

example of, 58-60

explanation of, 52

first stage of, 227

role in compression sinks, 254

using, 179-185

asynchronous delegates

advisory about implementation of, 180-181

advisory about using events with, 187, 190

declaring for asynchronous calls, 58-59

example of, 60-61

explanation of, 58

invoking without [OneWay] methods, 197-198

managing with .NET Remoting messages, 340-341

shipping destination assemblies to callers for, 191-196

using for asynchronous calls, 179

using with new clients, 61-63

using with SoapSuds-generated DLLs, 180-181

using with wrapper methods, 184-185

asynchronous IClientChannelSink processing, performing, 224-226

asynchronous IMessageSink processing, performing, 222-224

asynchronous messaging, performing, 222

asynchronous one-way calls, example of, 63-67

asynchronous requests, generating, 226-230

asynchronous responses, handling, 230-233

AsyncProcessMessage() function, implementing, 287

AsyncProcessResponse() function

role in creating sinks for clients, 352-354

role in server sinks, 364

sample implementation for serverside asynchronous processing, 235

using with compression sinks, 257-258, 264-265

AsyncResponseHandler class, implementing for client sinks, 354-355


for <channels> tag in configuration files, 101

for <lifetime> tag in configuration files, 99

for HTTP channels, 101

authenticated use, deploying for, 125-133

authentication entries, checking for URLs of current messages, 302-305

authentication methods, configuring for anonymous-use deployments, 120-121

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