Chapter 3. Inside the Configuration Tools

SQL Server 2005 provides a number of tools for configuration of its components. The configuration tasks are tasks you perform after installing an instance of SQL Server. The configuration tasks cover a wide variety of things in SQL Server 2005. Some configuration tasks change attributes of the Windows services associated with SQL Server components. Others change the Registry and file settings that affect networking and connectivity behavior. Although there is no crisp distinction between configuration, management, and administration tasks, it is important for you to understand the tasks that SQL Server treats as configuration tasks so you can start with the right tools. Here are the types of tasks that are classified as configuration tasks:

  • Tasks that are usually performed after a system installation. Typically, they are not everyday maintenance tasks.

  • Tasks that can be performed only by system administrators and not by low-privileged users.

  • Tasks that for the most part do not require a connection to SQL Server components.

  • Tasks that change Windows services and Registry keys.

  • Tasks that require viewing or manipulating of SQL Server installation options.

We've broken this chapter into two main parts to give you a broad perspective on configuration. The first part briefly describes the configuration tools and their architecture. The second part focuses on the tasks and scenarios that are enabled by these tools. As database system professionals, you can apply these tasks to the everyday scenarios you encounter on the job.

Inside SQL Server 2005 Tools
Inside SQL Server 2005 Tools
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