Changing Calendar Item Types

Suppose you are over halfway finished with a new posted appointment, only to realize that you should be making a posted task instead. Instead of canceling and starting over, you can change one message type into another, on the fly. For example, you can keep all the information about the appointment (subject, message body, and so on) and change it into a new task, retaining all the information.

There are two ways to change a calendar item from one type to another. The first method is best to use after the item has been created: Simply click the calendar item and drag it to another area in the calendar display. For example, you could click a posted appointment and drag it to the task area, and the item will change to a posted task. The second method is best to use while the item is being created: Any time you create a new calendar item, click the Change Item Type button on the Toolbar (it has an arrow with two dots). Then click the desired new calendar item type and click OK. The screen changes to the new item type.


When you use the first method, the mouse pointer changes to represent what you are doing, using the item icons with an arrow in between.


You can also use the Edit, Change To menu option to change the item type.

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