Rescheduling Appointments, Tasks, and Reminder Notes

Rescheduling a posted appointment, task, or reminder note requires only a simple click and drag of the mouse. Here's how to move an appointment, task, or reminder note to a different day:


Open your Calendar folder.


If the day you need to move the item to does not appear, use either the Week or Month button on the Calendar folder view or open the Day view of the calendar. (See the "Using the Calendar Interface" section at the beginning of this chapter for instructions on changing views.) The Day view displays multiple months at a glance.


Click the appointment, task, or reminder note you want to reschedule and drag it to the new day.

To change the time of a posted appointment, follow these steps:


Open your Calendar folder and click the appointment you want to change.


With the mouse button held down, drag the appointment to a new time on the same day, and the appointment will move.

The preceding steps show you how to move a posted appointment, task, or reminder note from one day to another. You can also copy a posted appointment from one day to another by holding the Ctrl key as you click and drag the posted appointment from the current date to another date. You can also move calendar items by dragging them to a different calendar if you want.

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