Posting Reminder Notes

Reminder notes can be added to your calendar and linked to certain dates, as shown in Figure 6.10. The Subject line of each note appears in your Calendar view. You can use reminder notes to remind yourself about anything you likefor example, picking up your dry cleaning. You might also use a recurring note to mark paydays on your calendar, just in case you forget what day you get paid.

Figure 6.10. The Posted Reminder Note screen allows you to link a reminder to a specific date.

To create a reminder note, follow these steps:


Double-click the Note pane under your appointments.


If your Calendar folder is open, simply click an empty line in the Reminder Note box and start typing the subject of your note. Click elsewhere to enter the note into your calendar.


Enter a subject for the note. If you like, you can place details about the note in the message area.


Fill in the date for the note and click POST to add the note to your calendar.

Remember, reminder notes do not carry from one date to the next. Reminders are specific to the day for which they were created.

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