Chapter5.Message Management

Chapter 5. Message Management

Electronic communication, once thought of as basic email, has now become the mission-critical application for many organizations. The use of collaboration systems such as GroupWise is definitely on the rise, as is the amount of information that users send and receive on a daily basis.

In addition, as messaging technology advances, more and more message types are being created. In a standard GroupWise 7 system, the mailbox displays mail messages, phone messages, discussion notes, contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, and documents. In addition to the messages in your corporate GroupWise system, you might be using GroupWise as a mail client for additional Internet mail accounts, such as an email account through your Internet service provider (ISP). With GroupWise add-on products, the mailbox can also display other kinds of messages, such as fax messages, voice-mail messages, and workflow action items.

With all these different message types available, you need some way to manage your messages, prevent information overload, and eliminate clutter from your GroupWise mailbox. In addition, locating information quickly is a key need. This chapter explains how to use the different GroupWise features to organize, manage, and locate your messages.

We've organized this chapter into three main areas: working with folders in the Cabinet (creating, sharing, and using folders); working with messages you receive (finding, filtering, saving, archiving, printing, deleting, and organizing using the Checklist and Categories); and working with the messages you send (checking the properties, resending, and retracting).

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