Creating Personal Address Books

Personal address books give you additional flexibility in organizing lists of individuals you correspond with most often. Personal address books can contain users who are in the GroupWise system address book or contacts who are external to the GroupWise system, such as Internet users. (Remember, the Novell GroupWise address book is a system address book, and only the administrator can add to or modify the users and resources in this book.) You can create an unlimited number of personal address books within the Address Book to organize your contacts.

By default, GroupWise creates one personal address book for you. Your personal address book has your name on the address book line.

To create a new personal address book, do the following:


With the Address Book open, choose File, New Book.


Name the new address book and click OK. The address book name appears in the left pane.


Click the New button.


Choose Contact, Group, Resource, or Organization.


Fill in the fields for the entry.


Click OK.


To quickly add users from the Novell GroupWise address book to a personal address book, Ctrl+click to select multiple users; then right-click, choose Copy To, and select your personal address book as the destination. You may also simply drag and drop users into personal address books. This method copies the contact(s) into the selected address book.

Keep in mind the following points about personal address books:

  • You can create, edit, and save any number of personal address books.

  • You can add and delete names and address information for any person, resource, or organization in your personal address books.

  • The same name can be included in multiple address books. If you copy an entry from one address book to another and then later modify the entry, the entry is updated in all address books that contain it.

  • Internet addresses can be included in personal address books.

  • You do not have to display all address books in the Address Book main window. To choose which books you want open, use the Open Book and Close Book options in the File menu to specify which address books appear. Closing a book does not delete it, but simply hides it.

  • You can define custom fields for your personal address books. See the topic "Create My Own Fields and Columns" in the Address Book Online Help system for instructions.


To send a message to everyone in a personal address book, click the address book tab to make the address book active. Then choose Edit, Select All (or press Ctrl+A), and click the Action button.

To edit an entry in a personal address book, simply double-click the entry. You can edit the fields of the entry and click OK to save the changes.

Here's how to delete a personal address book:


Choose File, Delete Book.


Highlight the book or books you want to delete.


Click OK.


Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

Remember, the deletion of a personal address book is permanent, and it cannot be restored once deleted.

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