The following sections describe features and enhancements that provide new capabilities in organizing and accessing information. More effective information management with GroupWise is the goal of these features.

Home View/Panel Management

The Home view is a completely new component of GroupWise 7. It includes the use of panels that allow you to display any content inside them. The Home view can contain multiple panels in one or two columns. This provides a central place to display information such as your calendar items, unread mail, checklist items, follow-up items, and so on. The Home view is highly customizable; you can leverage it to meet your specific work style. Figure 2.10 displays a customized Home view with panels for unread mail, follow-up items, and a summary view of the calendar.

Figure 2.10. GroupWise customized Home view.


Chapter 11 explains in detail how to work with the Home view and manage your panels.

Edit Corporate Distribution Lists

Have you ever noticed that a system distribution list may not be accurate or needs to be updated? In previous versions of GroupWise, only the GroupWise administrator could update system distribution lists. With GroupWise 7, you can now update system distribution lists from within the GroupWise Address Book. This allows the administrator to delegate the management to you, the user, because you usually know more about what the distribution list contents should contain anyway. Figure 2.11 displays the Address Book with a system distribution list selected. Notice the active Add and Remove buttons to the left. They allow you to keep the distribution list updated from the client. For you to be able to manage a system distribution list, the GroupWise administrator has to define you as a distribution list administrator. When this is done, you can then manage the distribution list membership.

Figure 2.11. Editing GroupWise system distribution lists from the address book.


Chapter 4, "The GroupWise Address Book," explains how to manage system distribution lists.

Speed Enhancements for Cache or Remote Mode

When you're running GroupWise in cache or remote mode, the update process is now faster. You don't need to configure anything for this to work. Novell has made speed enhancements to the way the client applies updates and works with the cache or remote databases.

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