Using the Help Menu

The Help menu offers different options depending on the features of GroupWise with which you're working. For example, in the main GroupWise screen, the Help menu topics cover general GroupWise features. In the Address Book, the Help menu topics relate to using the Address Book.

From the main GroupWise screen, the Help, Help Topics option opens the screen shown in Figure C.1.

Figure C.1. The GroupWise Help screen provides detailed assistance on GroupWise features.

With the Contents tab selected, you can navigate to your desired topic by expanding the headings in the left pane and then highlighting the specific topic you want to view.

With the Index tab selected, you can type the first few letters of the topic you want to view, and the list will automatically scroll to that topic.

With the Search tab selected, you can enter a search string and click the List Topics button to see topics related to your search criteria.

When you have located the topic you want to learn about, double-click that topic or click the Display button.

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