Modifying Your GroupWise Remote Options

After GroupWise is configured on your remote computer, a new icon labeled Accounts (Remote) is available in the Tools, Options menu. This icon is used to set default parameters for GroupWise Remote operations. When you double-click this icon, you see the Accounts dialog box, shown in Figure 10.9. (You can also access the accounts settings by choosing Accounts, Account Options.)

Figure 10.9. Use the Accounts (Remote) options to establish GroupWise Remote parameters.

From the Accounts dialog box, you can select an account and click the Properties button to modify the connection properties for GroupWise Remote. You can also click General Options to force GroupWise to synchronize with the master mailbox on given intervals.


The Account options are also available from cache mode. The options vary when in this mode. The primary difference is that in remote mode you can be very granular with what you request to synchronize, whereas in cache mode, the GroupWise client will attempt to synchronize all item types.

The important options you can configure in the properties screen are explained in Table 10.1.

Table 10.1. GroupWise Remote Connection Properties



Time Zone (located on Server tab)

GroupWise needs to know the time zone the where you reside so it can automatically adjust appointment times. This setting is important if you live in a time zone different from the time zone where your master GroupWise system is located. GroupWise automatically adjusts the appointments you create depending on the time zone information entered here.

Delete Options (located on the Advanced tab)

The Delete Options let you configure the syn chronization of deleted messages between your master and remote mailbox. The options at the top of the dialog box let you specify what happens to messages in your master mailbox when you delete messages from your remote mailbox (and vice versa). The Always Delete option automatically deletes messages from your master mailbox (a deletion request will be sent to the server the next time the client connects). The Never Delete option indi-cates that messages from your master mailbox are not to be deleted. The Prompt Me option asks what to do with the master mailbox each time you delete a message from your remote mailbox.

Item Downloads (located on the Advanced tab)

This setting specifies which items to download when you connect.

Item Downloads (located on Advanced tab,mailAdvanced button)

This setting lets you set date ranges for items theyou want to download from your master box. This capability is helpful if you want to synchronize only specific dates or specific folders containing mail. The Advanced button gives you complete control over exactly what is synchronized when you are working in remote mode.


The selections you make in the Tools, Options, Accounts (Remote) menus are system defaults. You can override the default options during a specific connection if you want. You do this by choosing Accounts, Send/Receive, GroupWise Options.

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