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-f argument of cvs command, purpose of, 267

FHS (filesystem hierarchy standard), explanation of, 37-40, 69-71

file conflicts with /etc/sysconfig/firewall script, handling, 379

file locking, explanation of, 336

<filename> item in RPM query command, explanation of, 60-61

filesystem layouts of Linux distributions, explanation of, 37-40

fileutils core library package

and Debian GNU/Linux, 160

and Slackware Linux, 121

usage with Red Hat Linux 7/3, 86

find command, location of, 39

firewall case study in Red Hat

adding security packages to, 371-372

audience for, 357-358

checking status of firewall in, 387-388

choosing installation media for, 368-369

choosing IP address range for, 381

classifying packets with, 403

configuring interfaces for, 366-368

configuring new kernel for, 372-373

configuring system logger for, 398-401

creating startup scripts for, 373-388

firewall rules for, 382-387

installing local nameserver on, 394-396

monitoring and maintaining system in, 398-406

monitoring firewall traffic with, 401-403

package list for, 369-370

replacing default firewall in, 358-359

restarting firewall in, 388

setting up user accounts for, 372

starting firewall in, 383-387

stopping firewall in, 387

supporting internal machines with, 389-396

using Ethernet cards with, 364-368

validating installation in, 388-389

firewall configuration script

example of, 375-383

using with PPP connections, 380-381

firewall configuration variables, table of, 380

firewall configurations, modifying, 352

firewall defaults, disabling, 373-374

firewall package list, sample of, 370

firewall servers, accepting syslog connections from, 399-400


accepting SSH connections to, 386

advanced security techniques for, 406-411

booting from read-only media, 409-410

configuring syslog connections on, 400-401

definition of, 221

establishing default policies for, 383-384

explanation of, 356

locking out bad guys with, 360-361

maintaining, 403-405

masquerading with, 361-363

minimizing exposure with, 359-360

purpose of, 356-357

resource for, 383

servicing networks with, 364

using security in depth with, 405-406

using with dial-up connections, 366

using with Red Hat Linux, 101-102

flash card readers, using with USB devices, 311

Flash plug-in, usage with Konqueror and Mozilla, 303-304

flat files or directories

configuring PAM with, 211-212

configuring software with, 184

flex software development tool, using with Red Hat Linux development workstation case study, 340

—force option, using with RPM, 61-62

FORWARD chain, role in establishing policies for firewalls, 384

FPS (First Person Shooter) games, explanation of, 323

free software

versus open source, 17-18, 22

versus public domain, 21

from option in Dante SOCKS library route blocks, meaning of, 229

FSF (Free Software Foundation)

objectives of, 17

and Slackware Linux, 111

FSF (Free Software Foundation) and GNU

resource for, 14

web site, 14

fvwm window manager, explanation of, 46

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Tuning and Customizing a Linux System
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