Chapter 6. Getting started with GPFS

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In this chapter, we provide a brief introduction to GPFS version 2.2 for Linux on pSeries. GPFS is a cluster file system that provides users with fast, consistent, and reliable shared access to files, cluster-wide. Implemented as the Virtual File System (VFS), GPFS supports the UNIX file interface so that applications need not be changed to take advantage of the new file system. Initially found only on AIX clusters, GPFS is now available across the whole cluster offering from IBM: AIX/pSeries, Linux/pSeries, and Linux/xSeries.

This chapter contains:

  • 6.1, "GPFS description" on page 280. This section describes the GPFS architecture and its components . The most striking features of GPFS are presented.

  • 6.2, "RSCT peer domain setup" on page 285. GPFS relies on RSCT for configuration, control and operation. We show how to define a RSCT peer domain on which the GPFS cluster is defined. A few RSCT commands are introduced and described here.

  • 6.3, "GPFS installation and basic configuration" on page 290. This section describes the installation, configuration, and startup of GPFS on a very simple setup. It is useful to understand the steps you need to take to create and operate a GPFS file system. In real situations, more of the GPFS features that contribute to its unique strength and resilience can be used. But regardless of configuration (number of disks, high availability, data redundancy), the steps and commands are the same.

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