5.6 Future of CSM

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Cluster Systems Management for pSeries Linux is a dynamic environment to centralize management of a cluster of pSeries Linux systems; some of the new features which might be available in the near future are:

  • Highly Available Management Server to eliminate the management server being a single point of failure. Once set up, managed nodes can function independently, but the management server is important for using features such as event monitoring.

  • Interoperability and mix of managed nodes running on xSeries, IntelliStation, e325 Linux clusters and pSeries servers running AIX.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Advanced Server version 3.0 support for the management server and nodes.

  • A higher number managed nodes. With CSM version 1.3.2, the current limit is a maximum of 128 pSeries Linux nodes. Future versions will support a higher number of nodes.

  • Support for new High Speed Switch offerings.

  • Better cross-support on xSeries systems using IBM Director software.

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Quintero - Deploying Linux on IBM E-Server Pseries Clusters
Quintero - Deploying Linux on IBM E-Server Pseries Clusters
Year: 2003
Pages: 108

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