The Process View

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This view of architecture focuses on the run-time implementation structure of the system. The process view of architecture takes into account requirements such as performance, reliability, scalability, integrity, system management, and synchronization. Components are also used in this view of architecture. Component diagrams are created to view the run-time and executable components created for the system. Components are related via dependency relationships. Run-time components show the mapping of classes to run-time libraries such as Java applets, Active-X components, and dynamic libraries. Executable components show the interfaces and calling dependencies among executables. Stereotypes may be used to visualize the type of component. Interface classes that are created during design are shown using lollypop notation as shown in Figure 11-9.

Figure 11-9. Component Interface


In Rational Rose, the information for the process view of architecture is created as diagrams in the Component View of the tool containing either run-time or executable components. Diagrams are created to show dependencies between the different types of components in the system.

For the ESU Course Registration System, the architecture team decided that there would be two DLLs ”one containing course and course offering information and one containing database information. This allocation was chosen since it was felt that the course structure and the choice of database strategy was subject to change. By making them libraries, only the libraries would have to be replaced to implement future changes. There are three executables for the system ”one for the Registrar to create and maintain the system, one for the Student to access the system, and one for the Professor to access the system. There is no communication between the executables. The component diagram for the Professor executable (ProfessorOptions.exe) is shown in Figure 11-10.

Figure 11-10. Professor Executable


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