Managing User Groups

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Managing User Groups

Similar to the way you create users, you can create groups to define what a particular subset of users has permission to access. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. From within Project Server, select Admin, Manage Users and Groups. A grid of all available user accounts appears.

  2. From the sidepane, select Groups under the heading Add, Modify, and Delete. You are presented with a list of all the groups that are currently defined. In this case, we will take a look at adding a new group .

  3. Click the Add Group button from the toolbar above the grid of Group listings.

  4. The first field that appears, Group Name, is the name of the group that you would like to create. The name you add here can be as descriptive as you want it to be. The second field on this screen, Description, is optional, and it simply appears within the group listing to make it easier for the project server administrator to distinguish what the function of this particular group is.

  5. The Active Directory Group field allows you to associate the group with an Active Directory Group.

  6. The next two selection boxes, Users and Categories, allow you to specify what users and categories are members of the new group. For more information on creating users and categories, see the preceding section.

  7. The next two permission boxes can be set by using templates, which are discussed in further detail in the next section of the chapter. Simply select which template you would like the group's permissions to be based on, and click the Set Permission with Template button.

  8. Finally, you have the ability to set the default digital dashboard link for members of the group. If your organization is using a digital dashboard, you can specify here the location of the specific dashboard you would like the group to see. To modify an existing group, simply select the group from the list and follow steps 1 through 6. To delete an existing group, simply select the Group from the list and click the Delete Group button.


When a user publishes a schedule to a Project server, that user becomes a project manager for that project and is automatically assigned to the Project Manager group if he or she is not already.

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