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Removing Toolbar Buttons


I can't remove a button from the toolbar. What am I doing wrong?

Be sure the Customize dialog box is open when you are adding or removing toolbar buttons. Otherwise, clicking the button automatically performs the commands of the macro that is attached to the button. When the Customize dialog box is open, Project knows you're working with the toolbars rather than issuing commands by using the toolbar buttons.

Strange Toolbar Button Behavior

Sometimes when I click a toolbar button, the command doesn't execute ”the Customize Tool dialog box opens instead. What's going on?

This happens when you have the Ctrl key held down while selecting a toolbar button. You might have been using the Ctrl key to select tasks or resources that are not next to each other. Be sure to let go of the Ctrl key before pressing a toolbar button.

Disappearing Custom Toolbars

I customized my toolbars at the office, but when I open a project on my system at home, the default toolbars appear. Where are my customized toolbars?

The toolbars you customized are attached to the application on the system you were using when you customized them. Actually, they are attached to the GLOBAL.MPT file on the system you used to do the customizing. To install them on your machine at home, you can copy your customized toolbars into an active project, copy that project to your home system, and then copy the toolbars into your home system's GLOBAL.MPT file.

To make all the items in the GLOBAL.MPT on your machine at work available on your machine at home, you need to copy the GLOBAL.MPT file on your machine at work to a disk and replace the GLOBAL.MPT file on your home system with the one you copied from the office computer.

Working with Group Boxes

When I move an item into a group box, the text box doesn't move with it. Is that really how it's supposed to work?

Yes it is. You have to move each piece of data and each item separately into a group box.

Making Your Custom Forms Work

I created a custom form, but now I can't figure out how to use it. How can I make it work?

You can display the form from the Customize Forms dialog box by selecting the form and then clicking Apply. This, however, takes away the advantage of creating the form in the first place. Therefore, you will probably want to assign the custom form to a menu, to a hotkey, or to a toolbar button, to make accessing it more efficient.

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