Using the Print Commands

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One of the main functions of project management software is to print project data that will communicate your project plan to others in a clear and informative format.

There are two formats in which Project will print data:

  • Many times you just want to print the view of the data that appears onscreen. The printed version is nearly identical to the display format onscreen. A few views cannot be printed: combination views (that is, a split screen with one view in the upper pane and another in the lower pane), the Relationship Diagram view, and the forms views (such as the Task Form, Resource Form, and Tracking Form views).

  • Microsoft Project provides 29 predesigned reports for printing. The report formats include a monthly calendar with tasks shown on the scheduled dates, comprehensive lists of tasks and resources, and a summary page that resembles the Project Statistics dialog box.


Selecting the Print button sends a copy of the current view to the printer immediately; you cannot control the way the report looks. Through the commands introduced in this chapter, you will learn how to make changes to the page setup before using the Print button.


Choosing the Print Preview button allows you to see what the printed copy will look like and also gives you access to the Page Setup and Print commands. You should almost always start a print job with the Print Preview button instead of the Print button, if only to see how many pages will be printed.

As in all Windows applications, the printer commands are located on the File menu. The Page Setup command defines headers, footers, page orientation, and so on for printed views. You can also use Page Setup to select the printer and change any printer-specific options available for the printer. The Print Preview and Print commands are used to print views. In addition, there are 29 predesigned reports in Microsoft Project that you access by choosing View, Reports. The Page Setup and Print buttons that are displayed when you're viewing a report work the same way the commands on the File menu work.

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