Changing the Printer Setup

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Before you start a print job, make sure that you select the correct printer, because Print Preview uses the selected printer driver settings. You can select the default printer for any Windows application by selecting the Start button on the taskbar and choosing Settings, Printers. Then, you select the printer you want to set as the default printer by right-clicking on its icon, and then selecting Set as Default Printer in the context menu that appears.

The default printer is selected when you initially print in Microsoft Project. If you want to use a printer other than the default printer, you can select the printer by choosing File, Print. The Print dialog box appears (see Figure 13.1). From this dialog box, choose the Name drop-down list to select a different printer.

Figure 13.1. From the Print dialog box, you choose the printer you want to use.


The list of installed printers appears in the Name drop-down list. If you want to change just the printer you are printing to, simply click the printer you want to use. If you want to change the way the printer is set up, choose the printer you want and then click the Properties button. The Properties dialog box for the selected printer appears.

The options listed in the Properties dialog box depend on the printer that is selected. For example, Figure 13.2 shows the options for a Hewlett Packard DeskJet 812C printer that is set up for normal color output. Some of the settings include selecting the paper size , selecting a paper feeder source, and changing the resolution of graphic objects. You also can change the orientation of the report on the paper from portrait (upright) to landscape ( sideways ). Your printer might have different options. Select the options you want and click OK when you're finished. Until you change the printer or the options, Microsoft Project uses the default printer and its settings.

Figure 13.2. The Properties dialog box contains some basic printer options, based on the printer that is selected.


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