Using the Project Guide Toolbar

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If the Project Guide toolbar is not visible, right-click on any toolbar and select Project Guide Toolbar. When you click the Project Guide toolbar's Report button, you see a selection of options in a new sidepane that is titled Report, as shown in Figure 13.3.

Figure 13.3. You can click the Report button on the Project Guide toolbar to reveal the Report sidepane.


If you chose the hyperlink Select a View or Report, you are taken to the Select View or Report sidepane, shown in Figure 13.4, where you can choose the type of report or view that you want. The default Select a View radio button allows you to choose a view from a pick list, and it also gives a brief statement of what that view can be used for.

Figure 13.4. You can choose what to print from the sidepane Select View or Report.


The various selections that you can make are described in the rest of this chapter.

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