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Q. I'm still not sure how to install a CGI Perl script on my server; where can I get more information?


A. Ask your host or ISPtheir technicians can tell you how to set things up in their servers.


Q. I would like to learn how to program in Perlis it much different from ActionScript?


A. Perl has many similar structures, but it can be cryptic in some parts . Like any language, it takes time to learn, but as you are already used to thinking like a computer you should have no problem adapting to some Perl after a short period of time.


Q. Is it possible to have the server-side script return information without jumping to an HTML pagein other words, without leaving my Flash movie?


A. Yes. Use the sendAndLoad method of the LoadVars object. Before moving on with your movie, you should use the onLoad callback function to make sure everything was reloaded into the properties or else you will have undefined variables in your way.

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