How can I type an italicized paragraph?


Before typing the paragraph, set up the formatting. If you want to italicize a word, phrase, or an entire document that you are about to type, press Ctrl+I (or click the Formatting toolbar's Italic button) before you type, and Word will italicize the text as you type it.


How can I see my entire page on the screen at once?


If you have an extremely high-resolution monitor and graphics adapter card, you can probably see an entire document page when you select the full-screen view with View, Full Screen. If you want to see the toolbars , menu, and status bar, however, you probably have to adjust the display by selecting View, Zoom. After you display the Zoom dialog box, click the Page Width option to enable Word to fit the text within your screen width, or you can control the width using the Percent option. The only other way to see an entire page is to select File, Print Preview to enter the Print Preview mode; in Print Preview mode, you can make simple margin adjustments but no text changes.

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