To Do: Create Your First Publication

Publisher generates samples so that you then can create almost every publication in Publisher. Publisher's built-in wizard technology handles most needs, and once you start a publication, your job will be to enter the text, import the graphics, and fine-tune the publication to meet your needs.

Get acquainted with Publisher by following these steps to create your first publication:

  1. Start Publisher.

  2. Click Publications for Print to open the list if it's not already open .


    If you click the toolbar's New button instead of starting Publisher from scratch or instead of selecting File, New to start a new publication, Publisher does not show the large To get started, select an option in the list notice that appears when you first start Publisher. Instead, Publisher shows the New Publication task pane with a blank publication in the editing area of your screen.

  3. Click Newsletters. Publisher displays a list of newsletter design choices in your editing area. More choices appear than will fit inside the editing area, so you can scroll down to see additional newsletter designs. The dialog box's preview area shows what the design will look like once you create the publication.

  4. For this example, click to select the Floating Oval Newsletter design. Publisher creates a sample document and places sample text, graphics, and titles on the document. Figure 23.4 shows this newsletter's initial design.

    Figure 23.4. Publisher generates an initial design and helps you finish the publication.


  5. Click the Zoom control's plus sign inside the magnifying glass to zoom closer into the sample publication to see the details better. The minus sign takes you further out so you can see the overall design once again.


    At the bottom of the screen is a series of pages with page numbers . Many of your publications will span multiple pages, and you traverse through the pages by clicking on the page number you want to see.

  6. You can edit the newsletter's elements directly, but you can also select areas to edit within the Newsletter Options task pane. For example, click Color Schemes to select from a list of color sets for the newsletter's elements.


    You can change the color scheme for your publication at any time, even after you have added all the other details to your publication. You don't have to stick with any color scheme you select during your publication's design. Experiment and see what looks best.

  7. Click different color schemes to see the effect of the color schemes applied to the sample newsletter in the editing area pane. For this example, select the Prairie color scheme to apply it to your publication.

  8. Click the task pane's Page Content to see the choice of column offerings. Select the icon that indicates a two-column page. When you move your mouse pointer over the icon, a down arrow appears that gives you the option of applying the column change to the current page or to all pages within your multipage publication. Figure 23.5 shows what the two-column newsletter would look like if you keep the two-column format.

    Figure 23.5. Publisher can adjust your newsletter to a different number of columns .


  9. You can continue selecting options from the task pane and adjust your publication's details. The publication in the editing area always reflects your latest selections.

Publisher Adds Initial Content for Placeholders

How can Publisher create an initial newsletter with graphics and text when Publisher doesn't know what you want to say in your newsletter?

Remember that Publisher initially creates your newsletter designs for you but not the actual newsletter's details. Normally, the hardest part of producing a publication is laying out the picture and text properly so they remain appealing to your readers. Publisher eases this burden by generating a sample publication for you when you select the kind of publication you want to create. Once Publisher creates the layout that you want for your publication, you fill in the details.

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