Starting Microsoft Office

Generally, you'll start one of the Office applications by clicking your Windows Start toolbar button and doing one of the following:

  • Select New Office Document and select one of the icons that appear in the New Office Document dialog box (shown in Figure 1.9). Windows automatically starts the correct Office program that works with the document you want to create. The New Office Document option might appear when your Windows Start menu first opens, but if not, you'll find it on the Microsoft Office Tools menu.

    Figure 1.9. Select the type of Office document you want to create.



    You can drag the New Office Document menu option from the Microsoft Office Tools menu to your Windows Start menu button. Doing so places this option that you might frequently use on the Start menu so you'll see it immediately when you display the Start menu. You can do the same with the Open Office Document option.

  • Select Open Office Document from the Windows Start menu and choose a file you've created already with one of the Office programs.

  • From any Windows Explorer-like window that displays a file listing, select any file created by an Office program to start that program and load the file for editing.

  • Use the Windows Start menu's Programs option to start a specific Office program and then use that program's File menu to open an existing data file or create a new one.

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